Bits Of Love was founded to remind women, children, and men along the journey, everyone needs bits of love to thrive. It should never become easy to turn away from our youth whether LGBTQIA, substance abuse, sexual exploitation, or for any other reason, and definitely not when presented in homelessness.

In a perfect world, a child would never know the thought of where their next meal is coming from, or where they will lay their head for the night. A mother should not be standing in traffic with her children in tow, as she begs for assistance and compassion, or be faced with the cruel reality of being repeatedly abused and failed by so many because she tried to break toxic cycles and patterns.  The homeless man sleeping on the streets should not just be walked over as we continue to our destinations without giving it a second thought. 


For most it is unimaginable not to know where your next meal, bath, and place to lay your head are coming from. Sadly, this is the case every day for homeless youth, women, and men living on the streets, a world we all want to change for the better. The best part is, we can change the statistics and we need your help to do so.

Bits Of Love hygienic packages seek to help restore the beginning phases of dignity and hope for our homeless street clients we see the urgency and the solutions.

Cleanliness, increases self-respect, confidence, improved mental and physical health as each client rises to self-sufficiency and stable housing. Without food, one will not survive very long.

Bits Of Love is committed to spreading bits of love everywhere we go and have dedicated ourselves to support our clients as we work to rehabilitate, educate, employ, and house society's most vulnerable communities, our homeless population.  

 To date Bits Of Love has served:


  • Over 10, 500 Hygienic Packages & Lunches


Our mission



Bits Of Love seeks to restore dignity and hope to vulnerable homeless women, children, and men living on the streets of Atlanta, GA and beyond. We serve our clients with personal hygienic packages and hearty lunches.

Our vision for our homeless clients living on the streets, are to provide a variety of wellness and medical services, education, employment opportunities, and stable temporary and permanent  housing solutions which lead to  self-sufficiency and maximum productivity. 


Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization, to help each client reach stability and social inclusion. We seek to serve, support, empower, and strengthen our homeless communities far and wide. Our success isn’t only measured in terms of wealth or profit margin, but governed by the Bits Of Love we provide to the clients we serve.


What is
Bits Of Love? 

Bits Of Love, Org. is a non-profit organization that enhances the dignity and quality of life of individuals throughout job placement and education. Our primary goal is to restore dignity through wellness, education, employment, and housing services. We improve the lives of people who face barriers in every way imaginable through gainful employment, leading to self-sufficiency, productive citizenship, and lawful living